Ehukai Pillbox Hike: A Stunning Hiking Experience with a View

Ehukai Pillbox Hike

Are you craving an outdoor adventure that offers breathtaking scenery and a chance to get your heart pumping? Look no further than the Ehukai Pillbox Hike! This epic hiking trail in Hawaii promises stunning panoramic views of the ocean, lush greenery, and historic military pillboxes.

Strap on your hiking boots and join us as we explore this hidden gem of a hike that’s guaranteed to leave you awestruck.

What is the Ehukai Pillbox Hike?

The Ehukai Pillbox Hike is one of the most beautiful and popular hiking trails on Oahu. The views from the top of the pillboxes are simply stunning, and the hike itself is fairly easy, making it a great option for hikers of all levels.

The trailhead for the Ehukai Pillbox Hike is located just past Sunset Beach, and the hike itself takes about 1-2 hours to complete. Along the way, you’ll pass by several WWII-era pillboxes, as well as through a lush forest canopy. The views from the top of the pillboxes are truly breathtaking, and on a clear day you can even see all the way to Diamond Head.

The View from the Top of the Hike

The view from the top of Ehukai Pillbox Hike is absolutely stunning. You can see for miles in every direction, and the views of the ocean are simply breathtaking. The hike itself is fairly challenging, but it’s definitely worth it for the views alone. If you’re looking for a truly unique hiking experience, Ehukai Pillbox Hike is definitely worth checking out.

How to Get to the Ehukai Pillbox Hike

From the north shore of Oahu, take Highway 83 south until it becomes Kamehameha Highway. Follow Kamehameha Highway until you reach Sunset Beach Road. Make a left onto Sunset Beach Road and drive until you reach Pupukea Road.

Make a right onto Pupukea Road and follow it for about 1 mile until you see the sign for Ehukai Pillbox Hike on your left. Park in the dirt lot and begin your hike!

What to Bring on the Ehukai Pillbox Hike

The Ehukai Pillbox Hike is a popular hiking trail on the island of Oahu. The trailhead is located at the end of the paved road in Sunset Beach Park. The hike is about 2 miles round trip and takes about 1-2 hours to complete.

The trail is fairly easy, but there are some sections that are steep and slippery. It is recommended to wear sturdy shoes with good traction. You will also need to bring water and snacks, as there are no facilities along the way. Sunscreen and a hat are also recommended, as there is little shade on the trail.


The Ehukai Pillbox Hike is a remarkable and unique journey that will take you to some of the most stunning landscapes on Oahu. Not only does it provide hikers with unbeatable views, but also an opportunity to learn more about Hawaii’s history. This hike is perfect for all levels as it offers something for everyone: breathtaking sights, unparalleled experiences, and countless memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Go out there and explore!

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