Nusuk Hajj Card for Hajj Pilgrims

Nusuk Hajj card

Nusuk Hajj card’ is a complete platform which allows Hajj pilgrims’ travel to the House of Allah from 126 specific nations. 

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has launched the Nusuk pilgrim card, which will be used for the upcoming annual Hajj journey in 2024. 

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The card’s launch is the latest in a series of reforms introduced by the Saudi government as part of its ongoing efforts to provide everything that will make pilgrims’ lives easier and more comfortable, as well as enable them to benefit from highly advanced technologies to help in their lifetime journey of faith. 

Nusuk pilgrim Card

The Nusuk hajj card intends to improve the efficiency of operational procedures for the upcoming Hajj season, making the journey much faster and simpler, while also reducing cases of illicit Hajj. It is supposed to be simple to read. The card allows Nusuk Hajj card officials to identify and authenticate each pilgrim’s identification while also preventing unauthorised individuals from entering the holy places, assuring the safety and security of all pilgrims. 

The government said that the card comes in both digital and physical (print) modes. The print copy of the card will be provided to pilgrims via their individual Hajj missions, Hajj service providers, and enterprises with whom they have signed contracts to conduct the pilgrimage. 

The digital copy is accessible via the pilgrim’s account on the Nusuk and Tawakkalna apps. The ministry noted that the pilgrim must scan the QR code on the printed card and then follow the instructions to receive the digital version of the card. 

The ministry of Nusuk Hajj card stated that the card offers a wide range of services to pilgrims. The most crucial of these services is verifying the pilgrim’s identity before the required authorities and allowing them to check his data in order to provide the finest possible services. It will also give important information such as the pilgrim’s personal data, address, and health records, which will be linked to a smartphone application. 

How to Do Hajj?

The Nusuk Hajj card also includes information on the pilgrim’s specific Hajj mission and how to communicate with it, as well as schedules for the pilgrims’ gathering and addresses. According to the ministry, pilgrims can use the digital card to get specific warnings, evaluate the services given, and register observations and complaints. 

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah had earlier urged anyone planning to conduct Hajj rituals to avoid falling victim to fraudulent Hajj campaigns and service providers. It advised travellers to apply for the Hajj only through official agencies and methods. 

The ministry of Nusuk Hajj card launched the second edition of its “Jusoor Initiative” in March, with the goal of improving communication with various countries around the world, reviewing the Kingdom’s efforts in serving God’s guests, and making the procedures for their arrival at the Two Holy Mosques more efficient. 

Two-year jail term for breaking the law

According to Perwad, people who breach regulations by not leaving the holy sites during or before the Haj season would face severe consequences. “It may involve up to two years in prison and severe fines of SAR 50,000. “It will be considered illegal entry into Madinah and Makkah,” stated Perwad. 

Restricted Airports 

According to Umrah operators, pilgrims with Umrah visas can travel to specified airports, including Jeddah, Madinah, Yanbu, and Taif. “Those holding multiple entry visas are prohibited from travelling to these designated airports,” Perwad stated. 


Travellers from the UAE must now acquire the influenza vaccine before going on their pilgrimage tour. “If vaccination is not taken, pilgrims will be denied entry to board the flights,” Perwad stated. 

As the first group of Haj pilgrims has already arrived, authorities are ramping up preparations for the forthcoming Haj season, resulting in increased monitoring. 


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